Web Hosting & Maintenance

At IIT Software we offer website maintenance to cover all of your web support needs. We will work with you to ensure that your business website (or group of websites) will provide a real and calculable return on your investment. Whatever sizes your business is we will tailor a website maintenance package to suit your budget.

To ensure that your website is effective as a tool for promoting your business you will need to:

* Ensure the content is up to date

* Test function and address any issues promptly

* Regularly analyse statistics, using the information to increase and boost performance

Even if IIT Software did not originally design or build your website, we can still manage, improve and maintain it efficiently and cost effectively and to your best advantage. Whatever the situation, having an excellent website is essential to your business. But no matter how sophisticated and eye catching your website is, if it does not work properly, potential customers will simply move on. At IIT Software we can ensure that your website is always the best it can be with prompt and expert attention to any functionality issues.